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Alchemy: The ancient practice of the search for a way to change base metals into gold.

Met-alchemy: The modern art of turning basic heaps of rust into valuable collectors' cars!

This site is continually developing, with a portfolio of work which I can offer potential customers. This work includes projects for sale, possibly to customers' specifications, if they express interest in sufficient time. However jobs on customers' own cars can be accomodated additionally. 

My aim is to preserve some specifically chosen cars, chosen for their heritage value, together with some special niche projects I want to let loose on the World. 

 Work undertaken comprises a whole spectrum of restoration works, and includes fabrication of sections and panels, repair sections for monocoque constructions, rebuilding and restoring, modifications to bodywork, and all processes through to a finished respray in classic cellulose, although other finishes are possible according to appropriate selection. Attention to detail will ensure longevity, and photographs will prove the processes.  

The manufacture of aluminium bodywork for vintage racing cars will be forthcoming.

Building up the site will take time because I will be recording each stage of successive projects with detailed photographs, and which will be posted here, so you yourself can see exactly what you will get if you come to me for a project. The line of "in house" projects is not necessarily a waiting list though! These projects will also be for sale after their completion.

I haven't included direct pages for past projects, other than the MG V8, because past projects have been mainly Land Rover based for the last 15 years, and have been of a different kettle of fish. I am keeping this particular site for the classic and vintage car projects only.

However, my other site, gives detail of these previous projects, together with all the MG V8 detail referred to on this site.

Who or what am I ?

My name is Robin Gell. I have always had a passion for vintage and classic cars. I do not like the modern throw away culture in which vehicles are obsolete and virtually unrepairable by the time they are ten years old. Despite the politics of manufacturers and governments, how can it be "green" to buy new cars year after year, just because they do a few more mpg than the previous one? What about all the pollution and emissions caused in the manufacturing and raw materials processing? This far far outweighs any number of mpg figures!! I digress however, and was talking about preservation of heritage.

Despite my passions, I have however always found that I enjoy working on and building them more than I do using them, and so have found myself moving from one to the next. 

I like the idea that vehicles, like most other forms of transport; railway locomotives and rolling stock, ships and most commercial and military aeroplanes, can be made to last much much longer, if not forever, with proper refitting and by keeping them simple. Vintage cars are the ultimate in repairable and sustainable transport modes. They last forever with relatively easy maintenance, and are for this reason of sustainability, the greenest cars of all. Furthermore, they use all natural materials in construction, so no nasty noxious hydro carbon plastics which cost a fortune to recycle, and no scarce and expensively mined precious metals in batteries, as in electric cars, and in catalytic converters! See, I am a realist!

I "apprenticed myself" to a master restorer, from whom i have learned huge amounts in the field of fabrication and finishing, and this is still an ongoing process. I feel that now, every process is within reach, directly or through consultation. Everything is done properly and no corners are cut. 

This is the basis of my service to you, the potential customer, the fellow classic and vintage car enthusiast and preservationist. I hope that looking through this site will interest you enough to make contact if you have a project which needs finishing, (or starting!), or you'd like to buy one of those shown here, or you are in need of assistance.

The Alchemist!

The Assistant.

The Apprentice.

Introduction to "BRG"