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1932 Riley 9 Racing Special. Full Construction

This is an exciting project to build the first in hopefully a series of vintage special racing bodies in aluminium, the first of which will be fitted to a slightly shortened Monaco chassis. I am at pains to point out that no original Monaco car has been spoiled in order to undertake this project, as the body was not on the chassis when sourced, and I have it on good authority that it had fallen apart beyond redemption. I hope this is true.

The chassis already has a rebuilt original spec Riley 9 engine, which will be mated to a "brand new" Brooklands spec close ratio straight cut gearbox, courtesy of Steve Hughes.

I hope to progress this as 2011 progresses, but much thought is first to be applied to make sure I only have to "cut once"!

I have a "buck" for shaping the boat tail now, so it is ready to go.

Watch this space!