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Britax sunroof rebuild.

Please note that unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I am no longer able to offer a sunroof rebuild service. I can however, still supply the blank steel end plates shown being manufacture by myself in the below article. If you fancy rebuilding your own roof, I can therefore supply these, but will need your old ones to be posted to me.

As part of the Sunbeam Lotus rebuild, the sunroof which was fitted from new, this being a Britax, was in need of reconstruction, due to the front and rear frames having become seriously rusted, and there being a number of splits in the cover.

This was the sorry state discovered on removing the roof from the car. The split cover had resulted in a very rusty roof and frame. All through fixings have broken off when trying to remove.

Releasing the headlining and frame from the cover, reveals the extent of rusting in the cover formers, front and rear. These are in need of replacement.

The headlining which is attached to the rear frame, just slides out, when the ends of the rolled section are un-pinched.

New frame members are cut out and shaped into the required compound curves on the English Wheel. Curves are set according to curvature of the roof, plus a little more, so that the sides are well pulled down when the roof is locked down.

The angled bracket with its mechanism engaging slots, fitted to the original frame, is being removed by having the spot welds drilled through. The angle will be used again on the new frame, and the new frame is clamped to the old one, so that the holes can be drilled right through. This ensures correct placement of the bracket on the new frame.

Through fixing rivnuts welded in position.

Frame members are sprayed with cold galv spray, and then these were sprayed with black paint also, for good measure. The rest of the construction, housing the actuating mechanism has been sprayed inside with Dinitrol wax.

The welded joint has been sprayed in Dinitrol, which will creep under and seal the joint, keeping further rusting at bay.

Side holes drilled to fix the tensioning side tapes.

Side tapes tensioned by stretching the roof out on the bench to its full length, and then pulled taught. Holes made in the tapes with a soldering iron, to take the rivets. New cover just needs gluing into position onto the front and rear frames, to complete. Thin foam padding was used over these frames as cushioning. The roof is now complete and ready to refit to the car.

The same is done with the headlining retaining strip, and here, both new and old frame members are seen side by side, with the removed sections fitted to the new ones with screws, ready for plug welding into position.