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MGB GT V8 (Factory car) Sebring conversion with efi engine and air con conversion.

Full details of reconstruction on sister web site.

MGB GT V8 "Conservation"

This vehicle, which is my own, was broadly very solid, having been professionally restored in the mid 1990's. It is one of those with which the realisation came to me that professional restoration is not always what it seems.

 I need to explain.

The problem is nearly all in underlying lack of finish. It had been fitted with new cills, one new door and one new door skin, together with half width floors both sides. The metal work, otherwise faultless, fell down in only two respects; these being that the cross member under the middle of the body had needed replacing, but it had actually been badly patched up and painted over with black Waxoyl, and seconly the fact that black Waxoyl was liberally sprayed underneath over new bare metal and shop primer.

This was the cause of what was identified as the now urgent need to conserve the metalwork before it started rusting into holes, resulting in expensive restoration again after only fifteen years.

This and the fact that the doors had been colour sprayed over "shop primer" and not treated to any other priming at all, sealed the need to start again! You only get to know these things when, after a number of years, it all starts to fall apart!

It is also of note that the rest of the original metalwork was still in better condition in its thirty fourth year, than that replaced fifteen years ago.

 At the time of starting work, this was going to be an "open air" job, as the full extent of the subsequent works was not realised at that time, and much of what I have just said still laid undiscovered. In the garden then, pulling apart commenced. It was only later that it had to be "workshopped" This meant buildng a workshop around the car, while it was still in situ!

 Now for a few pics rather than a load of boring writing. A comprehensive digital calalogue of quality pictures like these is what any customer would receive as part of anything which I would undertake, showing all problems and their treatment. 

 Rather than take up too much space on here, I will redirect you to a personal website of mine on which there is comprehensive detail of this car in several hundred pictures.

Several further pages describe in detail, the full process.

The under valance was added as an attempt to preserve the nice round smooth rear end. It has received favourable comment so far and I quite like it. It is removable if a strictly traditional finish is to be reverted to. The crooked V8 badge is due to blue tack!