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Project cars underway and for sale.

The cars in the list here will be for sale when they are completed. All the details of each project will be posted on here as and when they are undertaken. If you are interested, then get in touch, as early communication could be advantageous if you have any specifications you would like incorporated in the finished car.

Green Sunbeam Lotus 1981 W Reg. No longer available.

As per the individual project pages, this project now complete.

This is a very interesting and totally unique example of what has become an iconic homologation special, with some suggestions of this car being a prototype, despite its W registration.

A Lotus Publicity picture featuring this car, leads to speculation that it was possibly attached to the Lotus F1 team in some capacity.

It was a Series one car obviously, but had many detail differences from production Series ones. It was fitted with a Ti type spoiler when new, for one thing.

It is one of only a very few examples which were finished in non standard colours. This one is Talbot Conifer Green, and this was not a colour change, even when new, as the shell is green through and through. It is one of only two cars to have been finished in this colour from the factory. This is the only survivor.

It has required extensive replacement of structural members despite it looking very good and probably MOT'able on the surface when it first came into my possession. The way that these cars were built ensured that moisture held just about in every joint possible with open spot welded sections everywhere. The original underseal had broken down in many places leading to problems, and the remaining intact underseal was pretty flaky. It has all been removed and the underside finished in body colour liquid rubber as chip and effective moisture resistance.

All the reconstruction work has been undertaken comprehensively and to original specifications, so that the new fabrications are virtually indistinguishable from the originals as far as that is possible and practical. The difference is that they will now be sealed up properly and not left open to water ingress.

While it was at some stage converted to look like a series two, has been returned to its original condition, except for the Ti spoiler, which did not come with the car, and I have not found a suitable replacement up to now.

Sold from Poplar Garage, Sussex "as a new car", the car was not new, and this has been confirmed by the original garage owner, who also confirms that it came from Newcastle, after use by Newcastle Police, as a trial high speed pursuit car. Hence the lack of stripes when the car was new.

1932 Riley 9 Racing special.

This exciting project is to build the first of a possible series of contemporary 1930's racers based on the Riley 9 chassis, running gear, engine and gearbox.

The first of these will be built on a 1932 Riley Monaco chassis. I would stress that no saveable saloon cars will be sacrilegeiously taken apart for any parts at all, in the building of these cars. I will only use collected spares and bare chassis for these.

The original 1100cc twin cam engine will be mated to a "brand new" Brooklands specification gear box, which will be remounted slightly rearwards in order to improve balance. It is intended that the body will be as low slung as possible, so the driver will sit between the chassis rails. In order to do this, a short radiator is required so the bodywork will just clear the engine height.

I will be constructing the bodywork in aluminium as is the norm, and this will be assembled in correct period fashion with period fittings and fastenings, and instruments etc. This car will be indistinguishable from one built in 1932.

The first of these specials will roll out from here hopefully later in 2013.

1933 Riley Lincock. (Roof doors version).

A forthcoming rebuild project as per the relevant pages. Work will start as soon as practical, to rebuild this very rare car to as close to original condition as possible.

Triumph TR7 1978

This is an extremely solid and original car with virtually no rot in the shell. It has spent all its life garaged and a previous owner painted the underside with quality paint. Interior and boot spaces are like new, and the engine bay exceptionally clean. The engine has had its head "relieved" after sticking studs, as they do, and now runs very well indeed.

First evaluations are that it needs only a good preservation from a new quality re-spray,as it has previously been badly blown over for some reason, and looks rather scruffy, so a respray is what I intend to give it.

It is in a rather bright Java green, typical of the 70's, and while a colour change is being considered, I am rather inclined to keep it original as it is such a good car.

This car should be available for sale possibly next year.

1950 MG TD for sale. Sorry, sold ages ago

Sourced as an unfinished project, this car is an American import which has been converted to right hand drive already, and has been partly assembled.

It is intended that it will once again be stripped down and the chassis treated properly with quality paint and protection before building the body up again and finishing, probably in Racing Green, as the car was originally.

The car will be sympathetically restored with many original parts so as to avoid the rather soul-less blingy look of new parts everywhere!

It is hoped that this car will be ready early in 2013.