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Refabrication of panels and sections. A separate service or a combined project.

Bought pattern panels and sections can both be limited in availability and rarely fit properly without much reworking.

We have the facility on site to manufacture by hand, most panel work with straight or compound curves, together with the refabrication of things such as monocoque "chassis;" box sections, floor sections, suspension ears and brackets, with floor sections as appropriate. Sections of chassis can be built with floors and brackets attached, all spot welded together so as to look as close to the original construction as possible.

Fabricated sections can be built to patterns supplied, i.e. normally the cut out original piece, or I can cut out the section for you.

For the diy restorer, cutting out and refitting might be the easy bit, and the fabrication itself, beyond home means. I can gladly supply the new bits to reweld in position, on receipt of the old part requiring copying, always hoping that the diy'er in question is competent enough to do this welding.

Some examples of refabricated sections.

Sections are removed to an extent necessary to enable easy and satisfactory refitting. This means giving some consideration to the weldor who may have to contort himself into impossible positions and then weld upside down, blind. If this can be avoided, then it will be, at all costs, as this is not conducive both to a quality result which will last, and a pretty one. For example, the following shows a section of chassis box section which was replaced, but in order to undertake this, the floor was also cut out with it and renewed also. This is the only way that satisfactory comprehensive welding in of the box section can be achieved.

Sunbeam Lotus rear chassis leg and floor section. Screwed together awaiting spot welding. All details are as per the original section to the front, and includes a new flange for the lower edge of the wheel arch, to reconstruct the lower spot welded seam to the floor.

Trial fitting a new lower rear corner for the Sunbeam.

Reconstructed inner arch; as per the original shape.

Inside view of previous picture. Chassis leg awaiting cutting out.

Most compound curved panels start like this.

And progress like this:

Making a new arch ring starts with a straight strip. The flange is folded into it to make an angle, and it is then made into a curve, starting off like this:

Ending up like this: a new inner arch repair ring. A perfect fit.

New radius arm bracket, chassis section, floor section and wheel arch flanges.

Old section cut out. New bracket ready for folding up.

Hole forming.

Folded up bracket fitted to new section of chassis box section, floor section, and also new wheel arch flanges all round. The inner and outer wheel well upper flanges are seen clamped in place. Temporary screws pending spot welding. Suspension radius arm mounting hole yet to be drilled. A screw hole is shown in the supposed position of the hole.

Underside showing inside of chassis box section. This assembly exactly matches that cut out of the original shell.

Shown as it will be fitted to the car, with the wheel arches to the top, middle arch flange to the left, alongside the inner side panel, and floor going around the inner arch, looking to rear of car.